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Tips And Risks Of Gold Selling}

Tips And Risks Of Gold Selling


Shane Hester

Since time immemorial, selling gold has been and will always be a valuable commodity. It has always been a symbol of wealth and financial prowess. When one hears Gold, there is no more explaining to do, everybody knows it, and everybody wants it as well. From King and Queens on the old days, up to the present, Gold has been the symbol of power. Moreover, for each individual, possession of gold is an assurance that there will be something that could benefit you in the long run.

Gold has a multitude of uses. From electronics, currency, jewelry, medicine and on lavish food and drinks using gold leaf flakes. Gold when melted or divided into other by-products is still gold. It would not decrease in value.

Selling gold has been a common practice since thousands of years ago, from the time people learned the basics of commerce and business up until now where mainstream business is what’s keeping economy growth.

So if you have that piece of gold at your possession, be it jewelry, pure gold or gold scraps, hold on to it and be wise if you ever decide to sell it. Here are some tips that you can use to get the maximum value of your gold:

1. Look for Licensed Appraisers:

The most important thing to avoid when selling gold, is sell it to the first establishment that you think offers a good enough cash for it. Never be duped. Shop around first and be sure to look for licensed establishment or risk being scammed.

2. Know your Gold:

knowing how many Karats your gold is will help you determine at least its price range, 24-karat gold has the highest value and as the karats go down so is the value of your gold.

3. Selling by weight or as a whole:

When selling gold, especially jewelries, the most common practice is to weigh the gold and have its value paid by how heavy they are. However, in some instances, gold, like gold coins may come much more expensive when you sell it to collectors instead of weighing it. So be wise.

4. Avoid mobile gold buyers:

As much as possible avoid selling your gold to individuals who does not have a fixed store or address. The risk of being ripped off is exponentially high if you sell them to complete strangers that you cannot go after if something went wrong with your transaction.

5. Ask questions:

When selling gold, it is always important to ask questions. People in the gold buying industry might overpower you with their technical jargon and if you will not be careful, you might be mixed with the situation.

Ask questions if you do not understand, or if it is not clear to you how the pricing is. Ask about possible taxes and other hidden charges.

One of the best and most fastest way to earn extra cash is to

sell gold

. You can mail in your scrap jewelry and get

cash for gold

in your mailbox in about one week.

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Flower Shop

Flower Advisor}

Flower Advisor



Subject : How to Purchase a Flower Bouquet

Flowers are the most fonded by most of the ladies, and also hope that can receive a flower bouquet from someone who is important to her. Whereas, may be some of the gentlemen would think that this is wasteful since the fresh flower may be dry after a few days.

Gentlemen, if you agree the above mentioned. Definitely we could tell you that you have a wrong mindset. Did you know, each types of flower have their own language! This is one of the most helpful tips to let you express the deepest feeling from you heart which is hard to say.

At the special occasion, no matter is on valentine, christmas or birthday, there are suitable to has a flower bouquet as a gift. There are no longer only fresh flower in a bouquet, which the combination with chocolate or beer is being popular nowadays and also a great idea as a gift.

Most of the time florist may be has no enough time to explain to you the each type of flower with the meanings, so you may have to put some effect to search it out without make the misunderstanding. For example, as we all know, rose are most commonly flowering to convey the message of love. Then did you know that no every colour of rose is symbol love?

Ohh?? What a surprise to see this? Could you imagine that you send a flower bouquet with the meaning of hatred or rejection to a lady you are wooing now or you like for some time? What is horrible, right? To prevent this happen to you, my advice here is do some research before purchase.

When you plan to buy a flower bouquet to someone special for you, you should better give up to buy a yellow colour rose bouquet to someone special for you. It is because yellow rose means friendship and rejection. Now you wonder that no every rose mean Love, right?

Actually buying a flower bouquet is not as hard task, there are 3W you should know before buy:

‘Who you want to send? Is mother? Girlfriend? Or just normal friend?

‘Why you want to send a flower? Valentine? Christmas? Birthday?

‘What is the meaning you want to express? Love? Respect? Joyful?

After you have the answer of the 3W, then you can move the steps:

‘Which flower you want to buy? Rose? Lily?

‘Which flower shop you decided?

There are some points you have to know before select the flower shop

‘There are provide the professional assistant in flower selection

‘A nice skill florist, which it able to let you have a beautiful flower bouquet design

‘Delivery is available

‘A reasonable price

Actually there are not only have to buy flower at the flower shop, with the trend nowadays, many people prefer shopping on the internet which is easier and faster. There many relevant website provide this kind of service.

There are some risk when order from internet. The first thing is the quality of the flower, this is the problem that is hard to justify. To overcome this problem is to looking for the website which is trustable and the reputation is good. This also must depend on the period of delivery; the longer of the delivery will affect the freshness of flower.

Beside the flower bouquet, flowers are also common use on some ceremony. The most common flower arrangement we know and seen is on wedding ceremony. From the bridal hand bouquet, bridal car, church until house, flower is a perfect decoration to build up a happiness environment.

My suggestion here is to have a beautiful and memorable wedding ceremony, you may seek for the professional assistance. There are no only from the florist, the idea from you is most important to have a great celebration and decoration. If you have enough time to do the preparation, you may also able to show the creation to DIY a unique bridal bouquet for yourself!

The flower is not only using at the happy and joyful occasion, the sad and memorable functions are also suitable. The vast difference between this two is the colour of flower should be carefully when do the selection.

The colour could tell the emotion, like shinning colour, red, orange is most suitable on joyful party. The happiness able to spread the happiness among us, but the white and yellow colour is difference! This two colour suitable no matter is happy or memorable function, because there are carry the meaning of respect and memorable.

Did you have experience on sending flower bouquet or flower arrangement and would like to share with us? Or you would like to know more about flower of rose? You can get more information and experience sharing at

Two pretty young ladies would like to share out the information of flower to those who like to know more about flower. These two ladies have their own small flower shop, the name of Lovely Flower, which located at the Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

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Signs about colleague missed in missing persons case: Detective

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Former New South Wales detective and deputy mayor of Bathurst in the state’s central west told a Police Integrity Commission in the nearby city of Orange information he provided about his location on the morning a woman went missing was incorrect.

Janine Vaughan went missing at around 4 a.m. on December 7, 2001. She had left a local pub and was last seen getting into a red car. Mr Hosemans became a person of interest after Ms Vaughan’s mother, Jennifer said that the only man she had heard her daughter speak about was “a guy who she had seen in Bathurst and who she described as drop-dead gorgous”.

Jennifer Vaughan later found out that the man was high-profile detective and deputy mayor Brad Hosemans. Ms Vaughan’s best friend said that Mr Hosemans had walked past the clothing shop that Ms Vaughan had worked in and smiled and winked at her.

At the inquiry on Monday Mr Hosemans said he was in Bathurst on the morning of December 7, 2001. In 2002 he had told the police he was at his mother’s house near Newcastle at the time Janine Vaughan disappeared.

Mr Hosemans told the commission he had found an EFTPOS fuel receipt that showed he might have returned from his mother’s a day earlier than he initially believed. His initial statement to police was based upon a bank statement which must have been subject to “processing delays,” he said.

The officer who initially handled the case, despite being on charges of indecent assault following an incident at the Bathurst Golf Club was Mr Hosemans. He was later acquitted of the Golf Club incident but police told the inquiry it was unusual for an officer who was facing such charges to be heading a missing persons case.

Ms Vaughan’s case was later handled by one of NSW’s highest-ranking detectives, Detective Inspector Paul Jacob. Inspector Jacob, on Monday was asked by Mark Buscombe, counsel assisting the inquiry if he had considered Mr Hosemans a suspect at the time. “Had it hit my radar, I may have taken a different course,” inspector Jacob replied.

Inspector Jacob only wrote to Mr Hosemans a year after Ms Vaughan disappeared, after claims that Mr Hosemans had a relationship with her. Facing the inquiry for a second day today, Inspector Jacob said errors had been made in the handling of Ms Vaughan’s case. He told the inquiry that, after a review of evidence before him, Mr Hosemans was struck off the suspect list.

The inspector was then asked about notes he made which said, “Flowers and chocolates in weeks leading up to disappearance. Brad seen. Statement-takers left out issue with Brad.” Inspector Jacob said the note should have raised suspicion but he was overworked and subsequently overlooked it.

The inquiry heard Ms Vaughan had rejected Mr Hosemans prior to her disappearance. “Ms Vaughan told (a friend) that he (Mr Hosemans) was ringing her up at night, walking past the store, asking her out, but she said no,” Mr Buscombe said.

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Helen Thomas probes White House on torture; online community sends flowers

Friday, April 25, 2008

On Wednesday, long-time White House correspondent Helen Thomas questioned White House Press Secretary Dana Perino bluntly and repeatedly about United States President George W. Bush’s recent confirmation that he had approved CIA interrogation policies that included waterboarding.

“Where is everybody?” asked Thomas, apparently frustrated with lack of attention her colleagues had given the issue. The community at the social news site reddit answered “Here we are”; a message they plan to deliver along with several thousand dollars in flowers and other gifts.

Thomas’s questions became front-page news on reddit this morning, via a Think Progress blog post that includes a C-SPAN 2 video clip of Thomas during yesterday’s press briefing. Noting the president’s repeated assertion that the U.S. does not torture, Thomas characterized the authorized interrogation techniques as torture.

“Now he has admitted that he did sign off on torture, he did know about it,” said Thomas, “so how do you reconcile this credibility gap?”

Perino reiterated that the “United States has not, is not torturing any detainees in the global war on terror.”

That’s not my question. My question is, why did he say publicly ‘we do not torture’, when he really did know that we do?

Whether waterboarding, among other techniques, should be categorized as torture has been a subject of political contention in recent months. Thomas was unequivocal, responding to Perino: “That’s not my question. My question is, why did he say publicly ‘we do not torture’, when he really did know that we do?”

In appreciation of the reporter asking “A REAL QUESTION” (as the headline put it), reddit users (known as “redditors”) have collected over $3,000 for the purchase of flowers, edible arrangements and other gifts. Several ‘redditors’ also claimed to have ordered flowers for Thomas independently.

The bulk of the money was collected through, on a donation page created Micah Fitch, a musician and graphic designer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As of publication, the site registered 400 contributors for a total of $3,125. Fitch also created a wiki, FlowersWiki, for organizing the gift purchases and selecting messages to go with them. A large delivery to the Washington D.C. offices of Thomas’s employer Hearst Newspapers is being scheduled for Friday morning.

One redditor claims that a friend who works for The Daily Show is pitching the story to the show’s staff.

This is not the first time Thomas has received a high-volume flower gift. In 2006, an e-mail campaign that began on the political website Democratic Underground collected over $2000 and resulted in delivery of 108 dozen roses.

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Feverfew Medicinal Uses, Interactions, Side Effects, Dosage}

Feverfew- Medicinal Uses, Interactions, Side Effects, Dosage


Peter Thomas


Feverfew, Tanacetum parthenium, is a member of the Asteraceae family. Other common names of feverfew include featherfew, febrifuge plant, and wild chamomile. The leaves of the plant are most commonly used in herbal preparations.

Uses and Benefits:

Feverfew has been used traditionally by herbalists for headaches, arthritis, menstrual irregularity, difficulties in labor, psoriasis, stomach ache, asthma, and fever.It gained popularity in Great Britain in the 1980s as a headache remedy and is now commonly used for migraine prophylaxis as well as for other painful disorders such as arthritis.


The numerous constituents of feverfew in­clude sesquiterpene lactones, monoterpenes, flavonoids, polyacetylenes, and an essential oil. The sesquiterpene lactones, of which parthenolide is the major constituent, were initially thought to be most important. Parthenolide is found in many other plants, and the concentrations vary widely among different chemotypes of T. parthenium species grown in different geographic areas.

Clinical Trials:

In an initial uncontrolled survey of 270 migraine patients in Great Britain, over 70% of patients reported improve­Illents when eating an average of 2-3 fresh leaves of feverfew daily over several months to years. Subsequently, six double­blind randomized controlled trials from outside the U.S. have eval­uated feverfew for the prophylaxis of migraine headaches four studies found beneficial results.

Although the overall results suggest that feverfew may be ben­eficial for migraine headaches, methodologic quality of these studies was questioned in a critical systematic review.B,g None of the crossover-design trials contained adequate washout periods; intention-to-treat analyses were not performed in two positive studies; and one negative trial was considered to have the high­est methodologic quality. The reviewers emphasized that while feverfew may have beneficial effects for migraine prophylaxis, firm conclusions cannot be drawn from the literature.

Adverse Effects:

In an uncontrolled survey of feverfew leaf users, adverse effects Occurred in 18% of 270 patients. The main side effects included oral disturbances (e.g., mouth ulceration, sore tongue, unpleasant taste, swollen lips and mouth) and mild gastrointestinal disturbances, in 9.8% and 4.3% of patients, respectively.Oral side effects appear to be more common when chewing the fresh leaves. Reported side effects from the clinical trials using encapsulated products were similar to placebo (actually less than placebo in two trials).Results of hematologic and biochemical safety tests were also not affected by feverfew products.

The term “post-feverfew syndrome” was coined by one investigator, who reported rebound headache, anxiety, insomnia, and joint and muscle stiffness or pain in about 10% of chronic fever­ few users who discontinued the herb. Other studies have not reported this effect.

Side Effects and Interactions:

Feverfew affects platelet activity in vitro, but this has not been demonstrated in vivo,and there have been no reported clinical cases of untoward laboratory abnormalities, unexpected bleeding, or other interactions in patients wllo were also taking anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs. Adverse effects on coagulation are thus doubtful, but caution and monitoring is advised for patients at high risk of bleeding. Contact allergy to feverfew is well documented with occupational exposures, , and there is cross-allergenicity between similar plants containing sesquiterpene lactones (e.g., chrysanthemums, ragweed, daisies). The feverfew plant can cause abortions in cattle, and is therefore contraindicated during pregnancy.

Preparations & Doses:

Commercial products usually consist of the leaves or other above-ground parts of the plant, often powdered and freeze-dried; these preparations are presumably safer than chewing the fresh leaves. The daily dose used in successful umtrolled trials was approximately 50-100 mg of encapsulated dried leaf preparations (roughly equivalent to 2-4 fresh leaves), but daily doses of up to 200-600 mg have been recommended by some herbal authorities. Preparations are typically standardized to contain at least 0.2% parthenolide. However, while standardization can be useful to ensure the correct identity of the T. parthenium chemotype, it may not provide an index of effectiveness.

Summary Evaluation

Feverfew has been shown to be beneficial for migraine headache prophylaxis in the majority of randomized controlled trials con­ducted; however, efficacy has not been adequately established beyond a reasonable doubt. Feverfew appears to be safe and well tolerated, and thus it is not unreasonable for chronic migraine suf­ferers to try this herbal medicine. Feverfew has not been investi­gated for treatment of acute migraine attacks or for other types of headaches. It has been found to be ineffective in one trial for rheumatoid arthritis, and none of its other purported clinical uses have been investigated.

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herbal medicines

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Feverfew- Medicinal Uses, Interactions, Side Effects, Dosage



What Does It Mean If Your Ex Doesn’t Call You?}

Submitted by: Anthony Malibu

If you’re anxiously awaiting a call from your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, every moment can be excruciating. Find out what it means when your ex doesn’t call, and why it might not be as bad as you think.

So you got dumped, and you’re waiting patiently by the phone. You


your ex will call you… it’s only a matter of when.

But what does it mean when that phone doesn’t ring? If your ex hasn’t called or texted you since the breakup, is it really over for good?

One thing to understand right away is that every breakup requires a certain cooling off period. Things get said and done during the act of breaking up that often need time to heal. Even if your breakup was amicable, feelings always get hurt. Being rejected is never fun… especially not for the person who got dumped, or even the one who did the dumping.

Why Your Ex Won’t Call You Right Away

After the breakup, your ex boyfriend or girlfriend needs some time alone. This doesn’t mean they’ll sit home alone, because they might go out with friends, family, and it might even seem as if the breakup is not bothering them at all. By ‘alone’, they need time away from YOU.

Believe it or not, this is a good thing. Your ex can’t miss you unless he or she hasn’t seen you in a while, which is why chasing after your ex is always a bad move. The more you push, press, and pressure your ex into getting back together, the less likely you’ll be to ever date each other again. On the flip side, the less contact you make with your ex? The greater the chance that he or she will start to miss you… big time.

So in the interm? Your ex will avoid you, and even avoid your phone calls. If your ex boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t answering your text-messages it’s because right now, they don’t know how to handle contact with you. If they’re the one who initiated the breakup, hearing from you right now would be awkward. This is one of the main reasons your ex isn’t picking up the phone, either to answer your call or to even call you.

Remember: in dating, you shared a lot of emotional bonds. These bonds don’t disappear the second your relationship blows up. They linger on for a while, and it’s these deep-seeded ties to each other that cause couples to get back together. Initially, your ex will seek to bury his or her feelings for you. But in time, without hearing from or seeing you? Those feelings will slowly rise back to the surface. This is the optimal time to get back in touch with your ex, because once they miss you, they’re much more open and susceptible to getting back together.

Getting Your Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend To Call YOU

When you and your ex were dating, you both took up a big part of each other’s daily lives. Now that you’re apart? There’s a giant hole there, right where each of you used to be.

By exploiting this hole, you can actually get your ex to call you. The methods and techniques for this are a lot easier than you might think, and they involve pulling on certain emotional hot buttons. By tugging gently on these heartstrings, your ex will wonder where YOU are, and start to wonder what YOU’RE doing. That’s the point at which curiosity will get the best of them, and you ex will seek you out.

If your ex hasn’t called you don’t panic… there’s lot of help available. By learning which techniques are best-suited for your own unique breakup situation, you and your ex can be back in each other’s arms in no time. All that you need is a step by step plan.

About the Author: There are 8 Individual Steps necessary to

Get Back With Your Ex

, so find out what they are! Learning when it’s okay to call your ex is only one piece of the puzzle, but

getting your ex to call YOU

is an even bigger piece.


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Eleven alleged Russian spies arrested in US

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The United States announced the arrest of eleven people accused of acting as spies for Russia, breaking up what the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) called a “long term, deep cover” spy ring within the US.

Those arrested were, according to the US government, members of a spy ring that had existed for several years, involving Russian agents adopting civilian identities. All are charged with acting as unlawful agents for Russia, which carries a sentence of a prison term up to five years. Nine were charged with money laundering, a crime that carries a prison term of up to twenty years.

According to the US government, the suspects had been trained by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service to obtain information about US military policies, including those concerned with nuclear weapons, as well as intelligence about leadership at the CIA and the White House.

The FBI said that to obtain those objectives, the suspects were instructed to live as American citizens under false names, some as married couples. Some suspects were able to achieve ties with prominent US citizens, including a scientist working with nuclear weapons and a New York financier who had ties to officials within the US government.

Communication with Russian authorities was allegedly via several disparate methods, including unique wireless internet connections or pictures posted on the Internet with hidden messages, as well as more traditional methods such as burying messages or swapping bags between agents.

The Russian Foreign Ministry told the AFP that they are investigating the allegations, but say that “there are a lot of contradictions.” No further comment has been made.

Names in quotes are cover names, while those not in quotes are real names of the alleged agents. Couples are on the same bullet, while those living alone are separate. Locations are where the suspects were arrested.

  • “Richard and Cynthia Murphy” (Montclair, New Jersey)
  • Vicky Paleaz (Yonkers, New York)
  • “Juan Lazaro” (Yonkers, New York)
  • Anna Chapman (Manhattan, New York City)
  • Mikhail Zemenko (Arlington, Virginia)
  • “Michael Zottoli” and “Patricia Mills” (Arlington, Virginia)
  • “Donald Howard Heathfield” and “Tracy Lee Ann Foley” (Boston, Massachusetts)
  • “Christopher R. Metsos” (Larnaca, Cyprus)

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 27.

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Gunman shoots during board meeting in Florida, then kills self

January 12, 2017 – 3:53 am

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An armed gunman took hostages and fired shots during a school board meeting in Panama City, Florida at the Bay District Schools’ Nelson Building Tuesday. The gunman has been identified as Clay Duke, 56, whose wife had been fired by the school district. Duke fired at board members until he was shot and wounded by district security chief Mike Jones. Shortly afterwards Duke shot himself in the head.

Only Duke was injured in the fray even though he shot at Superintendent Bill Husfelt and other board members at close range. Duke opened fire, after rambling on about the firing of his wife and sales tax. Husfelt pleaded with Duke to let the others go as he was responsible for his wifes firing, however Duke raised the gun and began to fire. After firing on the board members, Duke was shot several times by former School Board member and district security chief Mike Jones. Jones was not in the room at the time, and was alerted of the situation. After being shot by Jones, Duke proceeded to place the gun to his head and shot himself. Duke was pronounced dead shortly after at a local hospital and an autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday. Jones, although not physically injured, was admitted to hospital for observation.

After the shooting Superintendent Husfelt admitted that he “really didn’t know what he [Duke] was talking about.” Husfelt believes that Duke used a combination of blanks and live rounds, however the police are adamant that Duke used only live rounds. Panama City police chief, John Van Etten, described the gun as a small caliber handgun, however superintendent Husfelt said, “It looked like a shotgun when it was pointed at me”

A spokesperson for the school board, Karen Tucker, described Duke as “a large guy” and reported that she had seen him sitting at the back of the room. A member of the board, Ginger Littleton, along with the other women and children, were sent out of the room, however she returned to the room as she could not leave the others behind. She tried to disarm Duke by hitting him with her heavy handbag, however it was not heavy enough as Duke knocked her down. She said that he aimed “directly at my [Littleton’s] brain”, but he did not fire at her and she eventually escaped the room unharmed.

A SWAT team burst into the meeting room and were initially thought to have shot Duke, but it was later determined that Duke had shot himself, according to police. The gunman was taken out of the meeting room on a stretcher.

Witness have said that shots were heard, however there are reports circulating that the gunman shot blanks instead of live rounds. A reporter who was in the room at the time thinks the weapon may have been a “cap gun”, but police say that the weapon was a pistol loaded with live rounds. The gunman allegedly spray painted the letter ‘V’ on the meeting room wall. The ‘V’ is the same symbol used in the movie V for Vendetta.

Gunman shoots during board meeting in Florida, then kills self
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Naked statues of Donald Trump appear in various US cities

January 12, 2017 – 3:53 am

Friday, August 19, 2016

A number of statues depicting US presidential candidate Donald Trump without his clothes on were erected in various US cities yesterday morning.

The statues were unveiled in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Seattle. Titled “The Emperor Has No Balls”, the project was devised by the anarchist collective INDECLINE, presenting Trump in an unflattering and humiliating way.

A spokesperson for INDECLINE told The Washington Post the project was inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson story “The Emperor’s New Clothes” which depicts a vain and overconfident leader. The spokesperson also said the project is meant to poke fun at the tendency for those in authoritarian positions to raise monuments of themselves.

The statues are credited to a Las Vegas-based artist called Ginger, who said he was approached by INDECLINE because of his pervious work designing monsters for horror movies and haunted houses. A video of Ginger creating these statues went up on INDECLINE’s YouTube page.

The New York City statue became a busy tourist spot until the parks and recreation department took it down. A spokeswoman for the NYC parks and recreation centre stated: “NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.”

Naked statues of Donald Trump appear in various US cities
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The Best Shall Win The Race}

January 12, 2017 – 3:51 am

More On This Topic:

Submitted by: Kathy Austin

Infiniti is a brand of luxury car produced by the Japanese automobile maker, Nissan Motor Company Ltd. It is a Japanese brand name sold in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Middle East and Taiwan. Its logo, the upward pointed triangle symbolizes Mt. Fuji, a mountain volcano highly revered in Japan. Infiniti is designed to compete with fellow Japanese automakers Toyotas Lexus and Hondas Acura, leading German competitors Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz, as well as the American Lincoln and Cadillac.

In the SUV category, it races with the specialists – Jeep and Land Rover. Nissans famous Pathfinder was taken over by a modified and more luxurious Infinity QX4. It stays very close with competitors Lexus RX 300, Acura MDX and Mercedes-Benz ML320 in the luxury SUV market. The 2008 Infinity QX56 is full-sized luxury SUVs which has a 2WD and 4WD variants. It is powered by 5.6-liter V8 engine with 320 horsepower and 393 lb-ft torque.

Introduced in the United States in 1989, Infiniti aimed to produce and sell premium cars, a stride away from Nissans mainstream reputation. It is by coincidence that Toyota and Honda also begun their bid during this time to establish their bid in the U.S. luxury car market with the introduction of Lexus and Acura, respectively.

Infinitis introduction of a 278-horsepower V8 engined Q45, an all-wheel drive sedan that is equipped with an active suspension system – a breakthrough in automotive technology that controls vertical movement of the wheels with an onboard system. With this technology, movement is not solely determined by the surface or base wherein the wheel is running, and thus, eliminating body roll and pitch during corner turning, accelerating and braking. Active suspension achieves higher ride quality and handling, allowing the wheels to fit in the road for better grip and control. The Q45 earned the moniker The Japanese Lincoln.

The M30 coupe, the so-called Americanized version of the Nissan Leopard, was Infinitis bet to compete with the Acura Legend coupe. The G20 was produced with an eye to compete with the BMW 3-series. It was later replaced with the G35, which instantly became a hit as the Motor Trend Car of the Year for 2003. Infiniti G35 was nicknamed the Japanese BMW. The 2008 model of the Infiniti G-series has a coupe (powered by 330 horsepower 3.7-liter V6 engine) and a sedan variant (with 206 horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine). Another V8-powered sedan entered as the Infinity M-series (the smaller M35 and the more powerful M45). A sporty 2008 Infiniti FX has three models available.

Infiniti is threading the path to the future of automobiles with a passion for a new breed of cars called Crossover Utility Vehicles (CUV). This new design marries the performance of a sedan and the flexibility of an SUV. Infiniti has placed the all-new Infiniti EX to pioneer in this category.

Company executives envisioned the weaning away Infiniti from Nissans image. To stay in the race, their philosophy is to rely on the best design and the infinite opportunities available to compete. In their own words, We will have our eyes fixed on BMW (the industry leader in luxury cars) this time.

Help Infiniti live its own name by dressing your keys with Infiniti Keychains, available in elegant metal designs engraved with the Mt Fuji logo and the name of your preferred automobile brand INFINITY.

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Infiniti Keychains

, they are crafted in stainless steel, metal, chrome, and leather and comes with a lifetime guarantee against flaws in the material.


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