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Why People Hack?

Submitted by: Ashok Kumar S

As a computer technician and tutor, I get asked a lot of questions about technology and computers in general. The one question that out-ranks all the others in the number of times I’ve been asked is this: “Why do people hack?

Myth: Hackers are bad . Actually, hackers are merely computer programmers who go in to someone else’s code and reorganize it somehow. The term is well charted and defined by Wikipedia and doesn’t directly refer to anything malicious. Quite the opposite; hackers are programmers to whom we owe a lot of thanks for working out troubles in software and the Internet.

Truth: Hackers actually lay claim to a Manifesto from 1986 that inspires curiosity and fairness and being accountable for one’s actions. The manifesto was written just after the author’s arrest for “Bank Tampering.” His best lament is, “my crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for.” Indeed, the pressure of being constantly watched forced “The Mentor”‘s resignation in 1990. To all hackers, he is considered a living legend.

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The Answer: The damage that’s done on the Internet and perhaps to your computer or your neighbor’s computer isn’t done by true ‘hackers.’ Would you call a graffiti vandal an artist or a ‘painter’ in the classical sense? Little folks spray paint buildings because they can. Sometimes it may feel that it’s the only way to leave any mark with a life that feels too small for anyone to notice.

Peers notice though. The greater the achievement, the greater the coverage. It’s a dark fame from a malicious act with no definite target. YOU weren’t meant to suffer from an attack; the attack was meant to be seen, however. The first Internet Worm in history was actually a good experiment that grew systemically accidentally crashing every computer it came in touch with. Many malicious code writers and ‘crackers’ begin honestly enough just learning how to write code.

With any knowledge comes a tipping point where a decision has to be made. You eventually get better than the average person and able to do things that bend outside what was meant to happen. Most skills don’t leave one wondering if they can damage other people’s property (the cook doesn’t graduate culinary school wondering if they should poison people for example), but computer programing reveals that there’s an awful lot of stuff out there that’s ready to break or corrupt with a little push in the wrong direction.

When you learned to walk, did you step on ants? Why? “Because I could; because they were there; because I wanted to; because it looked like fun.” I’ll bet your answer isn’t because you like hurting or killing things. As you matured, you used those same feet to take you somewhere. In time, all the modern crackers will mature and most likely become brilliant members of programming society.

There is no one magic answer. It’s something that happens and you aren’t the target. You don’t understand it because you don’t do it. It is a crime, but it’s often just a juvenile act of poor choice and misdirected skills. Defend yourself with anti virus softwares, don’t fall for e-mail scams and know that someday those mischievous feet will be somewhere good.

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Indiana congressional candidate Tony Zirkle defends speech at Nazi meeting

Monday, April 14, 2008

Indiana congressional candidate Tony Zirkle defended his decision to appear at a Nazi meeting. Zirkle, a personal injury lawyer, is running in the United States Republican Party primary for Indiana’s 2nd congressional district.

Zirkle initially created controversy when he gave a speech to the American National Socialist Workers Party on April 20, Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Photos of the event show a picture of Hitler in the background with a United States flag on one side of the podium and a Nazi flag on the other side and the words “Happy Birthday” on the table in front. In the speech, Zirkle asserted that the pornography industry was run by Jews.

In defending his remarks, Zirkle explained that he saw the location as a valid opportunity to preach his anti-pornography, Christian message and that he would be willing to talk anywhere and noted that he had spoken on an African American radio station. Zirkle also defended his claimed that Jews were involved in pornography. He claimed that in the past male porn stars were generally Jewish but they were now black but the female stars were young white women. Zirkle further asserted that now Jews owned and ran the pornography industry. On his campaign website Zirkle posted a list of links, including a link to Jew Watch which he said backed up views.

When asked if he agreed with the Nazis Zirkle said that he did not know enough about their beliefs to give an opinion.

Both Republican and Democrats have condemned Zirkle’s remarks.

Zirkle had earlier created controversy when he suggested considering bringing back segregation between whites and blacks.

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Canadian loses health benefits after company finds joyful Facebook pictures

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A 29-year-old woman from Quebec in Canada claims to have lost her long-term health care benefits she was receiving for depression, after her insurance company discovered pictures of her on Facebook smiling and having fun.

Nathalie Blanchard alleges that Manulife Financial cut off her long-term benefit payments because she was “available to work, because of Facebook.” She was diagnosed with long-term depression, something her lawyer says keeps her from working. Blanchard was previously employed at IBM.

Pictures posted included Blanchard and others at her birthday party strip tease, as well as smiling on a beach, among various private photos taken while on vacation. She says Manulife told her this is proof that she no longer suffers from depression.

Manulife denies her claims saying they “would not deny or terminate a valid claim solely based on information published on websites such as Facebook,”, but did not deny using the social networking site for gathering background information on customers.

According to Blanchard, her doctor told her to hang out with friends more and attend social gatherings as well as vacations. Blanchard’s lawyer says he is seeking options on how to proceed in an appeal.

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Al Sharpton speaks out on race, rights and what bothers him about his critics

Monday, December 3, 2007

At Thanksgiving dinner David Shankbone told his white middle class family that he was to interview Reverend Al Sharpton that Saturday. The announcement caused an impassioned discussion about the civil rights leader’s work, the problems facing the black community and whether Sharpton helps or hurts his cause. Opinion was divided. “He’s an opportunist.” “He only stirs things up.” “Why do I always see his face when there’s a problem?”

Shankbone went to the National Action Network’s headquarters in Harlem with this Thanksgiving discussion to inform the conversation. Below is his interview with Al Sharpton on everything from Tawana Brawley, his purported feud with Barack Obama, criticism by influential African Americans such as Clarence Page, his experience running for President, to how he never expected he would see fifty (he is now 53). “People would say to me, ‘Now that I hear you, even if I disagree with you I don’t think you’re as bad as I thought,'” said Sharpton. “I would say, ‘Let me ask you a question: what was “bad as you thought”?’ And they couldn’t say. They don’t know why they think you’re bad, they just know you’re supposed to be bad because the right wing tells them you’re bad.”


  • 1 Sharpton’s beginnings in the movement
  • 2 James Brown: a father to Sharpton
  • 3 Criticism: Sharpton is always there
  • 4 Tawana Brawley to Megan Williams
  • 5 Sharpton and the African-American media
  • 6 Why the need for an Al Sharpton?
  • 7 Al Sharpton and Presidential Politics
  • 8 On Barack Obama
  • 9 The Iraq War
  • 10 Sharpton as a symbol
  • 11 Blacks and whites and talking about race
  • 12 Don Imus, Michael Richards and Dog The Bounty Hunter
  • 13 Sources
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What To Do In The Winter At Lake Tahoe}

August 24, 2017 – 2:06 am

Submitted by: Tahoe Sam

Although South Shore Lake Tahoe has always been admired for skiing and boarding, there are many other indoor and outdoor activities that win praise for the area from national reporters. In addition to that is the most recent: a first place from for 2007 based on bookings for hotels and holiday packages.

Recently SKI Magazine’s 2007 Resort Guide rated Heavenly Mountain Resort as the third best for scenery, off-hill activities and after ski. In the same issue of the magazine Kirkwood Mountain Resort was featured on the cover and given a number 8 rating for best “snow” in North America.

Transworld Snowboarding’s winter 2006 issue rated Sierra-at-Tahoe No. 4 for terrain parks, and number 7 for top pipes and total snowboading resort.

Given these recent awards, along with recent snows covering the Tahoe area are just more reminders that the fun has just begun at the US’s No. one winter resorts. Skiing is still the main attraction but many other winter activities provide fun for everyone.

Heavenly’s Gondola – This ride will take your breath away. Be prepared to take photographs of the endless landscapes of Lake Tahoe visible from the gondola. The resort has numberous snowshoe and hiking trails from one and a half to four miles round-trip. You will spend the day wandering around the Sierra forests.

Get on the Lake on the M.S. Dixie or Tahoe Queen Paddlewheel ships. You’ll be surrounded by 10,000 foot mountains crowned with snow and reflected in the pure waters of North America’s biggest mountain lake. Learn lake history and enjoy good food in warm comfort on the two to three hour trips. They depart from Zephyr Cove or Ski Run Boulevard and typically include a tour of Emerald Bay.

For outdoor ice skating fun try the rink at Heavenly Village nestled in among the galleries, shops, Movie Theater and fine restaurants. The City of South Lake Tahoe has an NHL standard-sized ice rink in the Recreation Complex just over a mile from the Village.

Put some genuine thrills in your life with a helicopter ride from HeliTahoe Helicopter over the lake. Even try a full moon tour over the shimmering waters. Other options typically include the Nevada shore, Secret Harbor and other coves of demand. And, for the ultimate wedding, how about tying the knot while hovering over the lake. HeliTahoe has joined up with Simple Tahoe Weddings so you can ‘take the plunge’ over Tahoe.

Try shopping at The Shops at Heavenly Village, The Village Center or the Factory Stores at the Y. Top quality clothing, sporting goods and fashion, in addition to fine jewelry are featured.

The Village Center nearby has many additional options with 29 retail shops. The Factory Stores at the Y offer great bargains and you’ll find them at the intersection of Highway 50 and 89 with 18 more shops of name brand clothes, shoes, training apparel and winter ski wear. Art and photo galleries located in the South Shore offer fine creative works. Over 20 galleries offer jewelry, art glass, sculpture, prints and oil and acrylic paintings.

Have you ever dreamed of coming home a millionaire? Nevada gaming establishments offer 7,000 slot machines and 400 gaming tables at the six, 24-hour casinos including Harrah’s, Harveys, MontBleu, Horizon, Bill’s and Lakeside Inn

Appreciate gourmet food? South Shore offers every choice from Ciera Steak + Chophouse’s award winning food at the MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa or The Summit at Harrah’s, to a varied collection of local ethnic options, steakhouses, burger shops and cute local restaurants hiding on the side streets. Tahoe’s reputation for fine dining grows every year.

Book lovers will find a great read at from among the many area bookstores such as Neighbors in the Village Center.

When you are ready to completely unwind and relax there is a selection of quiet spas throughout the town at the major hotels and casinos as well as locally owned shops.

About the Author: Vacation Rental for Lake Tahoe offers a complete resource for accomodations and fun at



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Pupils fed through gates, school criticised

August 24, 2017 – 2:06 am

Friday, September 15, 2006

Schoolchildren at Rawmarsh Comprehensive School in South Yorkshire, England, are being fed fish and chips by their parents through the school gates at lunchtimes because parents do not believe their children are being given enough choice of food at lunchtime.

The parents are standing outside the school gates in a cemetery to take the orders of food from the children, and then go and pick up the food for them. Parents say that this is because the children do not like the quality of food being served in the school cafeteria, and so the parents are only giving the children what they want – which is a hot and tasty lunchtime meal.

Head Teacher John Lambert has lashed back at the parents, calling the delivery of food through the gates immoral and stating that it is not “helping the children or their school” by bringing the junk food in. He also stated that “[The School] aims to provide good quality food which is within government healthy eating guidelines and helps the children’s learning in the afternoon”. Parents have defended the delivery of food by saying that not only are they receiving orders for burgers and chips, but also for salad rolls, jacket potatoes, and other healthy foods.

Pupils fed through gates, school criticised
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Global markets surge in value

August 24, 2017 – 2:06 am

Monday, October 13, 2008

Markets worldwide have surged in value following efforts by governments to ease the effect of the ongoing financial crisis, which has recently caused a massive decline in the value of stock markets.

On Sunday, the fifteen countries from the Eurogroup – that is, those countries which use the euro as official currency – had agreed on a joint plan to face the crisis, which would consist in supporting financial institutions and by guaranteeing interbank loans.

The Eurogroup meeting was the last of many which took place during the weekend. The G7 nations had met in Washington at the same time that the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank held their Autumn meetings.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average index is one of the indexes that have done particularly well today, and it closed up 11.08%, well over 9,000 points. General Motors was the best performer in this index, with its value rising by 31.49%. The Nasdaq rose by 11.81%.

The FTSE 100 has today gone up in value by 8,26%, to take the index back over the four thousand mark. TUI Travel was the best performing company in this index. It went up by 41.25 points (21.48%), to take it to a new share price of 233.25. Some shares in the FTSE, however, have continued to fall dramatically. HBOS today dropped in value by 31.48%.

The Brazilian Bovespa index today went up by 14,66%, while the Hang Seng and Singapore Straits Times went up by 10.24% and 6.57% respectively.

Stocks exchanges in Tokyo, Buenos Aires and Toronto were closed due to national holidays.

22:00, Monday, October 13, 2008 (UTC)
9.387,61 936,42 11,08%
1.844,25 194,74 11.81%
228,14 23,30 11,37%
9.065,16 0,00 0.00%
22.095,90 2.190,62 11,01%
1.215,990 0.00 0,00%
40.829,13 5,219.63 14,66%
4.256,90 324,84 8,26%
5.062,45 518,14 11,40%
3.531,50 355,01 11,18%
5.956,32 609,10 11,39%
285,27 27,22 10,55%
2.324,80 201,36 9,48%
17.125,00 1.687,00 10,93%
9.955,70 958,00 10,65%
4.141,90 202,40 5,14%
8.276,43 0,00 0,00%
16.312,20 1.515,29 10,24%
2.073,57 73,00 3,65%

Global markets surge in value
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British ISPs restrict access to Wikipedia amid child pornography allegations

August 24, 2017 – 2:06 am

Sunday, December 7, 2008

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Wikinews has learned at least six of the United Kingdom’s main Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have implemented monitoring and filtering mechanisms that are causing major problems for UK contributors on websites operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, in addition to 1,200 other websites. The filters appear to be applied because Wikimedia sites are hosting a Scorpions album cover which some call child pornography. Scorpions are a German hard rock band who have used several controversial album covers and are perhaps best known for the song Rock You Like a Hurricane.

The measures applied redirect traffic for a significant portion of the UK’s Internet population through six servers which can log and filter the content available to the end user. A serious side-effect of this is the inability of administrators on Wikimedia sites to block vandals, and other troublemakers, without potentially impacting hundreds of thousands of innocent UK contributors who work on WMF sites in good faith.

The filtering is in response to the Internet Watch Foundation‘s list of websites that host content reported to contain inappropriate images of naked children. The IWF considers those images child pornography. However, in the United States, where the websites of the Wikimedia Foundation are hosted, it is not considered obscene under the criteria of the Miller test, which requires that an obscene work lack “serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value” – as album art is used to “brand” the album, it is considered to be artistic.

Contributors or individuals attempting to view an affected image or file, depending on their ISP, may get a warning saying, “we have blocked this page because, according to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), it contains indecent images of children or pointers to them; you could be breaking UK law if you viewed the page.” Other ISPs provide blank pages, 404 errors, or other means of blocking the content. Due to a configuration mistake at one Internet service provider, some users have reported being totally unable to access Wikimedia sites to the Wikipedia technical help desk.

Is this action on the part of the IWF and various UK ISPs appropriate?
Add or view comments

“The Protection of Children Act 1978 as amended in the Sexual Offences Act 2003, makes it an offence to take, make, permit to be taken, distribute, show, possess with intent to distribute, and advertise indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of children under the age of eighteen. The ‘making’ of such images includes downloading, that is, making a copy of a child sexual abuse image on a computer, so, in the UK, accessing such content online is a serious criminal offence,” says the IWF on their website in an article updated on November 28. The IWF say there are at least 800 to 1,200 websites on the list of those who host or contain offensive material. The list is not public and the IWF never notified Wikimedia Foundation about the blocking of Wikipedia content. The affected page does not display any message informing the user about blocked content on most ISPs, instead, a technical error message is shown.

However, Demon Internet redirects users to a block message on the IWF’s site explaining that the page was blocked as the organization suspects child porn or links to it to be present. The IWF states that, “we do not notify site owners that their websites are on our list.”

The concern for Wikimedia is for some images like an album cover from a 1976 record of the Scorpions titled Virgin Killer. It displays an underage girl, posing nude, with a lens crack crossing over her genitals, but nothing blocking out her breasts. The girl appears to be around ten years old. In the U.S., the band later replaced the image with one of the group. The cover was uploaded to Wikipedia in 2006, but Wikinews learned that on May 9, 2008 at (21:17 UTC), despite a result of strong consensus to ‘keep’ in a deletion request, the image was deleted, however for a different reason. It was deleted due to a claim by an administrator that it violated Wikipedia’s policy for dealing with copyrighted images, which require that any images used under the doctrine of fair use must alongside other criteria, “significantly increase readers’ understanding of the topic, and its omission would be detrimental to that understanding”, with the administrator claiming that the article “lacked meaningful discussion” of the album art. This result was overturned using the deletion review process. Earlier, on December 6, the image was put back up for a deletion request, but it was later closed as Wikimedia “does not censor”.

Another image that is questionable could be a screenshot from the 1938 film Child Bride. Its goal was to bring to light the attempts at banning child marriages. In the article on Wikipedia, a screenshot appears of then 12-year-old Shirley Mills partially naked after skinny dipping. In the photo, at least one of her breasts can be seen.

Other albums featuring nudity below the age of sixteen have previously caused controversy; Blind Faith attracted criticism as did Houses of the Holy, and Nirvana’s Nevermind.

Multiple companies have gone public stating that they implement the recommendations of the Internet Watch Foundation. Not all of these are known to have implemented measures against Wikimedia sites; the major UK ISPs thought to have affected Wikimedia sites are Telefonica O2/Be Unlimited, Virgin Media, Easynet, Plusnet, Demon, and Opal Telecommunications (TalkTalk).

Wikinews has contacted Wikimedia’s legal counsel, Mike Godwin and the IWF for a statement, but neither have replied as of this time.

 This story has updates See Wikimedia, IWF respond to block of Wikipedia over child pornography allegations 
British ISPs restrict access to Wikipedia amid child pornography allegations
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Secrets To A Good Wedding Cake Display}

August 17, 2017 – 1:13 am

Submitted by: Rafi Michael

While most of the traditional traditions in weddings are performed during the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception too has its own share of the action. It is during the reception that the wedding cake is cut. But even before you get down to cutting the cake, you have to pay careful attention to displaying the wedding cake.

A wedding cake is one of the highlights of the Toronto wedding reception, not just the cutting but also the display. Your wedding cake is going to be the center of attention at the reception (apart from the bride and groom of course) and thus needs to be displayed properly.

Tips for Wedding Cake Display:

YouTube Preview Image

Wedding cakes are usually displayed right from the start of the wedding reception and cut towards the end. Depending on how long you expect the reception to last, the wedding cake could be on display for a considerable length of time. To ensure that the cake holds up for the duration, make sure that the filling used in the cake will not cause it to go bad. The frosting on the wedding cake should also be such that it does not melt or crumble before it’s time to cut the cake. The key is to get a reliable bakery in Toronto that will deliver the cake to the hall and display is properly.

Display the cake in a prominent location such that it does not hinder movement. The wedding cake should be visible to your guests but not placed where they may accidentally knock it off.

Remember to add some special lighting for your wedding cake. A spotlight to focus specially on the cake is a great way to make the wedding cake display look smashing. But make sure that the light is not harsh enough to cause the icing to melt. A prominent Toronto banquet hall should be able to hold a cake in place.

Never display your wedding cake close to the dance floor. Enthusiastic guests may end up too close to the display, especially during a fast song, and you know what can follow.

The size of the table for the wedding cake should be according to the size of the cake. It should neither be too big or too small. The table should be covered with a beautiful table cloth, and you can then use flowers, garlands, and sprays to decorate the table. Layering the table with tulle is another way to give the display a fuller and more wistful and magical look.

So in the end, choosing the right Toronto bakery to make and decorate the right cake for your Toronto wedding is important because next to the bride and groom, the ckae should shine!

About the Author:

Babylon Toronto Weddings Photography Dj Video Dj Limo Services Source:

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Management Software

Oracle Dba Monitoring: Its Controls, Best Practices, And Risks}

July 20, 2017 – 1:52 am

Submitted by: Chetan Aegis

Oracle DBA Monitoring and IBM DB2 Relational database are usually installed behind scenes for supporting key functions for data retrieval and storage. The Oracle DBA Monitoring may be considered as region of potentially higher risk, which needs corresponding strong controls. Particular risks associated with database performance rotate around availability as well as business stability. Poor performance of database may affect the reputation of an organization, delivery services as well as compliance with the agreements of service level.

Being an IT auditor once can see complete range of environments for database for control and management in course of the audits with some of world’s biggest processing environments. In world of controls and risks, anticipatory controls are favoured to corrective or detective controls. This is always superior to prevent the problems before materializing into the adverse conditions. One region of preventative controls is the performance monitoring that allows the DBA (Data Base Administrators) to actively take action for making sure the acceptable performance prior to issuing appearance.

The debasing of the database performance may generally be identified very early through the effective monitoring as well as reporting. Counteractive measures can incorporate increasing use of the indexes, re-normalizing or redesigning data, expanding the buffer pools, partitioning the tables, adding the CPU processing power as well as changing the system configurations. Still one more corrective appraise is collecting different and more precise statistics.

The approach of Oracle DBA Monitoring to the monitoring of database performance is extremely methodical as well as is measured as ‘best practice.’ Primarily, the objectives of Oracle DBA Monitoring are recognized. Next, the implementation and planning for specific Oracle DBA Monitoring is also there. The performance reports have to be analyzed regularly. Where the performance is established to be unacceptable, the database administrators have to identify constraints as well as tune systems for balancing the resources.

The settings for performance objectives engage defining what a good performance can be. The goals should be understandable, realistic, and measurable. The goals of Oracle DBA Monitoring usually include:

“Response time that is measured through acceptable responsive time for the end users, whole transit time, and accounting beyond time

“Average throughput (meaning total queries or transactions, which complete within the given time)

“System accessibility that may be measured through duration of the down times as well as mean failure time

“These types of Oracle DBA Monitoring objectives may be utilized to define the requirements of resources like processor speed, storage amount, disk and I/O speed with capacity as well as additional software and hardware

For achieving all these objectives, four levels are there for real performance monitoring as well as analysis. To summarize, the Oracle DBA Monitoring has to be taken sincerely in the lights of risks linked with the performance degradation. Oracle DBA Monitoring framework may be utilized for developing a vigorous performance monitoring system. The performance objectives of the Oracle DBA Monitoring should incorporate database responsive time, throughput as well as system accessibility. Dishonoured performance, which has been recognized, must be remediated throughout the targeted changes for system hardware, database objects, and software configurations.

About the Author: For more info about Oracle DBA Monitoring:-


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